Our email address: crustyjazz@gmail.com
Person to contact: Anne Abler 805-748-0139

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Crustacea Jazz Band plays danceable and swinging tunes in the New Orleans jazz style, tunes which were popular between about 1900 and 1935 and whose melodies are often still familiar.

SLO audiences like and respond to this music first because it is upbeat, happy, humorous and romantic; and second because the creative act is happening right in front of the audience: Right Here, Right NOW!

In this “old fashioned” Jazz, the players improvise and develop variations around a familiar melody line and the unique variations can result in a fun time for the audience as well as for the players.

Over a hundred years ago this “small band improvised jazz style” originated in New Orleans. Throughout the twentieth century this music worked its way up the rivers to Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago, and was spread by great local players to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco and to all the towns in between.

Crustacea’s repertoire showcases this original music, as well as spirituals and gospel music, blues, and early pop tunes--all played in the New Orleans jazz style.

There are bands playing this legacy of music all over the United States, as well as in England, Holland, France, Japan and elsewhere.


Here are more pictures of the band.

We are available for your event:
wedding parties, anniversaries, birthdays,
winery parties, residential concerts.

Our email address: crustyjazz@gmail.com
Person to contact: Anne Abler 805-748-0139

Here is our current playlist.

Here are a few recordings of the band.
Listen by clicking on the title.

1. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon

2. Midnight in Moscow

3. Shim-me-sha-wabble

4. Si tu vois ma mere

5. The Fish Vendor

Our Performance Schedule
(The events listed in color are open to everyone)


Sept 13 : 6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Osos & Higuera
Sept 2: Private birthday party, SLO

August 9 : 6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Morro & Higuera
July 31 :
Danish Care Center, 93rd Birthday
July 28 : Private Wedding, Madonna Inn
July 25 : The Manse
July 12 : 6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Morro & Higuera
July 4: Bayside Care Center

June 21 :
6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Morro & Higuera

June 13: Cayucos Seniors Luncheon, 11:30-1 Vet's Hall Cayucos
May 31: 6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Osos & Higuera
May 27: 10-1 Strawberry Festival, Arroyo Grande Centennial Gazebo
May 12: 1-4 Tweed Ride, Triangle Park, San Luis Obispo
April 5 : 6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Osos & Higuera

March 29:
6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Nipomo & Higuera
Feb 15: 6-8:45 SLO Farmers Market, Corner Osos & Higuera
Feb 13: 2-3 pm Casa de Flores, Morro Bay

A Short History of the Band

We are essentially a local jazz band playing the early music of America. Since 2009 we have performed at over 300 celebrations, parties, benefits, and weddings.

Our public performances for farmers’ markets and festivals always draw an appreciative and enthusiastic crowd. We invite you to check us out at the any of the public performances that are listed on this website.

As our band has become known we have played birthday parties (among others, the 50th, 80th, 90th, 99th, and in July 2016 we played a 100th birthday party), anniversaries (several 50th, one 70th), ten wedding parties, and several winery shows and benefits.

We are a familiar band to the residents at Casa de Flores and Bayside Care Center and at The Villages and at The Manse.

Since 2011 we've played the SLO Tweed Ride (fun folks with old-fashioned bicycles and dress--look them up!).

We have played multiple times for both the Strawberry Festival and the Cayucos Senior's Luncheons. The Santa Maria Model A Ford Car Club hired us because we play the music that was popular in the era of the early automobiles.

Our players all live in San Luis Obispo County.

A great band for any celebration!


Call this number to discuss possible dates for your events:
Phone: Anne Abler 805-748-0139
Email us at: crustyjazz@gmail.com